Lara Fabian’s New Edition of Papillon(s)

Belgian singer Lara Fabian has a new edition of the album Papillon with the release of three new songsThe overall themes are love and heartbreak. 

The music is French Pop. The compositions are beautiful with a mix of classical French music, similar to the 70s and modern sounds. The style is experimental and bold, which reflects the evolution of Lara Fabian’s career. The tune Je Suis à Toi (I belong to you) parallel to works of the late Claude François and the late Dalida. Claude François’ Alexandrie, Alexandra (Alexandria, Alexandra) and Dalida’s Gigi e Paradisco (Gigi and Paradisco) and Laissez-Moi Danser (Let me dance) come to mind in terms of the 70s rhythm, but with a contemporary twist. The majority of the songs are romantic with a cheerful beat. 

Lara Fabian’s voice is empowering, while at times being soft and sweet. She expressions the specific emotion(s) of each song with authenticity and depth.  

The lyrics are poetic and, at times, romantic and sweet. There are incredible metaphors that represent the various aspects of relationships or separation, depending on the song’s subject matter. Alien is an example of a metaphor for how the relationship is no longer working out because the man is pretending to commit. Still, in reality, he’s controlling and emotionally abusive. It also represents how the woman thought the man she loved was someone entirely foreign for her imagination, hence the name alien. The song Superman represents a paradox because the man is adventurous and loves to travel, but his wife doesn’t like flying. In his head, he’s “Superman,” but he doesn’t have any courage.  L’animal (The animal) is a metaphor for courage and hope for a man whose partner loves him dearly. It’s not just about relationships, but also women’s empowerment. Sans Ton Amour (without your love) demonstrates how a woman can be her person without the man she left. The three new songs En Chemin (en route or on my way), C’est L’heure (it’s time), and Undefeated Love compliment the vibe of the original songs from the first Papillon. The record has layers of meaning and emotions. 

My favourite songs are Par Amour (Out of Love), Je Suis à Toi, L’Animal, and Undefeated Love.

The album Papillon(s) is available. 

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