Single Saturdays: Ronan Keating – Little Thing Called Love

Irish singer Ronan Keating has released a new single entitled Little Thing Called Love. It’s a love story about a couple looking ahead in the future. 

The music is Pop/Brit Pop, with a hint of Rock. The song has an upbeat sound with a romantic flair. The guitar in the background compliments the vibe of the tune. The beat reminds me of some of the incredible hits by the Irish group Boyzone. The music has a Summer vibe with a wavy and structure composition. 

Ronan Keating’s voice is husky, soulful and romantic. His vocal style is rhythmic. One can hear how he has experience in his singing- his voice has gotten even better over the years.

The lyrics are beautiful and romantic. The song has fantastic freestyle poetry, full of metaphors and symbols. The words describe the evolution of a couple’s life from dating to someday getting married. The first example of the metaphor is water drowning people, which represents the obstacles of a journey. The second one is the shadow, which describes the darkness and uncertainty. The lyrics are relatable and from the heart. 

The song Little Thing Called Love is available.

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