Westlife’s Latest Album Spectrum

Irish Pop Group Westlife has released a new album entitled Spectrum. The themes are love, family, and heartbreak. 

The music is Pop with a mix of a 70s vibe and contemporary. The sound has evolved. It goes from romantic to sad to sentimental again in a perfect fashion. The music developed, especially since I heard their classic hit  Swear It Again. The song Better Man is an example of deep emotions with a slow rhythm that reflects heartbreak and disappointment.  Hello, My Love is a tune with a happy sound that is upbeat and cheerful. The compositions on the album are incredible and smooth.

The members of Westlife have fantastic voices that complement each other magnificently. They have matured vocally over the years, singing with an even better and bolder rhythm. They capture the emotions of each song flawlessly. 

The lyrics are personal and from the heart, making them genuine and authentic. The tune My Blood is about family and the joy of parenthood, more specifically fatherhood. The words are touching and beautiful. The love songs are romantic and sweet. The sad ones show the heaviness of heartbreak (i.e. Better Man and Without You). The quality of the lyrics is phenomenal. 

My favourite songs are Hello My LoveMy Blood, Dynamite, and L.O.V.E.

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