Sabah: 5 Years Since Her Passing

November 26, 2019, is the 5th anniversary of Sabah’s Passing, at the age of 87. She was a famous Lebanese artist and actress who marked the Pop culture of the Middle East.

Sabah was known for two genres of music Tarab (classical Arabic music) and Arabic Pop. She transitions between them perfectly with excellent rhythm. She kept with the times. Sabah was a legend for the style of Dala’a (Being Coy), which influenced future female artists of the Arab world and the Middle East in general.   

     She also sang in her movies (including Egyptian cinema). I especially remember from a film entitled Sharea El Hob (The street of love) with Abdel Haleem Hafez. She knew how to sing with other artists.

Her famous songs include Yana Yana (Oh me), Zay Al-Asal (Like Honey), Zay Al-Amar (Like the moon), and more! She sang timeless works of art. Sabah leaves behind an incredible legacy.

Rest in Peace, Sabah.

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