Celine Dion’s Latest Album Courage (Deluxe Edition)

Canadian and Quebecoise singer Celine Dion has released a new album entitled Courage, including the Deluxe Edition. The overall themes are love, heartbreak, life, and empowerment (especially for women). 

The music is Pop mixed with other genres, including electronic/techno. The speed of the beats for the songs varies depending on the emotion in these fantastic compositions. The sound quality is bold and modern, with an experimental component. The piano and the violin complement the music perfectly. 

Celine Dion’s voice has evolved over the years, growing stronger each time, with beauty and sweetness. It’s authentic and from the heart. She sings with passion and attitude, which gives a sense of empowerment.  

The lyrics are intricate with an incredible description of the subject matter (that varies according to the song) that is inspirational. There’s a natural flow to them. The themes of love, heartbreak, life, and empowerment are relatable. There’s a personal feel to the songs that make the album genuine. The tunes entitled Courage and Imperfections are examples of women’s empowerment.

My favourite songs are Flying On My Own, Falling In Love Again, Courage, and Imperfections.

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