Soundtrack Saturdays: Mamma Mia Here We Go Again!

Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again came out in theatres July 20, 2018, The soundtrack is now available, and I enjoyed it very much. It was especially fun to hear Cher singing Fernando. What a voice!

Some of the classics such as Mamma Mia, Waterloo, and One of Us have a modified beat. It has a contemporary feel to it. There are also some songs that I had not heard of like Angel Eyes and When I Kissed the Teacher. It inspires to listen to the original version from Abba albums. I grew up listening to Abba, because of my family, especially my mom. It was hard, at first, to imagine the music with a different rhythm from the original versions. However, after listening to them again and again, I heard the homage to Abba, even if the beat is slightly different.

The actors’ performances of the songs are well-done. Lily James’s voice is especially incredible. She sings the most in the album, which makes senses because she plays young Donna, whose past we learn about in the movie. It was a joy to hear Cher singing songs from Abba. She’s a fantastic artist. Her voice is powerful and unforgettable, as always. The actors’ voices compliment each other nicely.

I haven’t seen the movie yet. I look forward to seeing it, especially hearing the classic hits of Abba. I would like to listen to the songs in the context of the film to have a better feel to these fantastic tunes.

My favourite songs from the soundtrack are Waterloo ( Lilly James & Hugh Skinner), Fernando (Cher & Andy Garcia) I Have a Dream ( Lilly James), Dancing Queen, and Super Trouper.





Soundtrack Saturdays: La La Land

This is my first edition of Soundtrack Saturdays, where I will occasionally review a soundtrack for a movie.This movie reminded me of films with Fred Astaire or even Gene Kelly. Being someone who enjoys classic from the 30s, 40s and even 50s at times.

On New Year’s Day I went to see the movie La La Land, a musical film that is getting rave reviews.  I can understand why, the story is well-written and the songs compliment the film very well. With the new year upon us, I am excite to write  my first edition of Soundtrack Saturdays.

The introductory song is entertaining and sets the tone for the movie. I especially enjoyed the musical performances of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, together and individually. They sang beautifully in the movie. There’s chemistry between the characters on screen and when they sing. Their voices compliment each other quite nicely. The songs performed by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling: A Lovely Night, City of Stars (the duet version from the soundtrack). The City of Stars performed by Ryan Gosling is beautiful. I love the depth of his voice. His whistling gives it a nice touch to it.

Justin Hurwitz’s musical songs are rhythmic with a melody that is unforgettable. The songs make you want to get up and dance. Also his compositions remind me of the movies from the 1930’s and 40’s. Planetarium

John Legend’s song Start a Fire has an incredible beat. His voice is fantastic as always, and very smooth. Very impressive! His performance as an actor was amazing too.

My favourite songs are : Lovely Night (Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling), City of Stars (the song performed by Ryan Gosling),  Planetarium, Engagement Party, Audition (The Fools Who Dream) and Epilogue.

The Entire Soundtrack


Flashback Fridays: Tribute to Debbie Reynolds

Another legend passed away this week: Debbie Reynolds, just one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher (aka Princess Leia in Star Wars)

She first became famous in her role in the movie Singin’ in the Rain as Kathy Selden, when she was just 17 years old. Her voice was incredible. I will focus on this film mainly to honour the late Debbie Reynolds. This is the movie I am most familiar with among her musical films and will be the focus of my blog post.  Her musical performances were memorable. She was very talented and funny. When she sang, she had a presence in the film.

The two best clips of her singing in the film were : Good Morning and Singin’ in the Rain. Debbie Reynolds performed Good Morning with Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor.  The rhythm was amazing with a fantastic melody. The scene where Reynolds was Singin’ in the Rain was hilarious when she is revealed to be singing after the curtains are opened behind Jean Hagen as Lina. Her voice was soft compliment the melody of the song.

Rest in Peace Debbie Reynolds. 😦

Here are videos that I loved the most of the film.


Another song that I also enjoyed

30th Anniversary: Labyrinth Soundtrack

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the soundtrack for the film Labyrinth starring Jennifer Connelly and the late David Bowie.

The soundtrack consists of 12 songs. Five of which were written and performed by David Bowie.

The music in the movie is an important component to the movie. The songs David Bowie sings demonstrate what’s between the lines of the story. The musical songs are composed by Trevor Jones. They also play an important role in the movie, as well as compliment the songs that David Bowie sang in the movie soundtrack. After watching the movie, you appreciate the soundtrack, even more.The music is filled with suspense and intrigue, which allow one to imagine the story of Labyrinth according to one’s interpretation. There is an artistic feel to it, a touch of whimsical, if you will.  Magic Dance has an amazing beat that you want to get up and dance. Chilly Down is one song I had a hard time understanding it meaning, until I watched the excerpt of the movie on Youtube. Overall, the soundtrack is worth listening to, especially if you enjoyed the film Labyrinth.  The songs that David Bowie performed, however could be heard without having watched the movie, except for the song Within You. I enjoyed how some of the Trevor Jones’ composed songs have musical bits that are samples of  David Bowie’s songs.

The songs performed by David Bowie that I like the most are the following: Magic Dance, As the World Falls Down, Underground, and Within You. Among the musical songs by Trevor Jones that I enjoyed the most are the following: Into the Labyrinth, Sarah, and Home at Last.

Next week I’ll publish a blog article celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of the film Labyrinth 🙂

Credit: Ingrid Richter Flickr