Soundtrack Saturdays: Barbie The Movie

July 21, 2023, Barbie The Movie came out, along with the soundtrack. Usually, I review it the day after the film’s release, but I was on vacation. In honour of the end of the Summer, I want to talk about the soundtrack and soon the Editorial of Barbie The Movie. The film creates a nostalgic feeling.

The music is primarily Pop, along with other genres (including R&B). The musical styles are impressive as they parallel different tunes from different eras of the last 60-plus years. The nostalgic feeling has a profound presence. For example, Dua Lipa’s Dance The Night has a 70s disco feel.

The songs on the Barbie soundtrack are diverse in emotions and subjects, covering the movie’s various aspects. There are three components: the upbeat/happy songsthe sad tunes (heartbreak, anxiety, etc.) and the introspection/soul searching. 

   The soundtrack has bubbly and cheerful tunes, including  Pink, Dance The Night, and a new version of Barbie World (performed by Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice with Aqua). Pink (performed by Lizzo) is a fun and cute introduction to Barbie and her life. Another incredible piece is Dance The Night (performed by Dua Lipa), which complements the Barbie vibe. The tune Barbie World  (performed by Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice with Aqua) was a blast from the past, modified with additional lyrics. The other songs, Speed Drive, Watati, Choose Your Fight, Butterflies, and Barbie Dreams, represent joyous moments such as the desire to explore the real world. Choose Your Fight (performed by Ava Max) is an inspirational song about taking control over one’s life. The vibrant piece Barbie Dreams conveys that anything is possible, especially for young women. These tunes are dynamic, impressively combining musical genres and styles, both contemporary and past.

There are sad songs covering a variety of emotional struggles, including I’m Just Ken (Ryan Gosling) and Silver Platter (Dominic Fike). I’m Just Ken (performed by Ryan Gosling and the cast) is a profound piece about Ken struggling with his identity, self-esteem, and feelings (including those for Barbie). It’s a well-written piece with remarkable depth. It also covers the confusion of what it means to be a man. Hey Blondie is another deep song about the pressures of being well-known, like Barbie, and living up to the image others create. Silver Platter (performed by Khalid) is a sweet piece about the struggles of love and relationships. There’s a sense of hope, however. The tune Angel (performed by PinkPantheress) starts on a happy note, then becomes sad about someone leaving suddenly (whether walking away or passing away). 

    The piece Man I Am (performed by Sam Smith) is about men behaving frivolously and superficially. It represents the moment Ken imposed the teachings of patriarchy.

    Push is a cover of a song by Matchbox 20, performed by Ryan Gosling and the other actors portraying Ken in the movie, as an attempt to charm the Barbies.

    The soundtrack has profound songs about introspection, such as getting to know oneself. Journey to the Real World (performed by Tame Impala) perfectly represents Barbie’s transition to the real world with humans. The most profound piece is What Was I Made For (performed by Billie Eilish), in which there are questions about finding a place in the world and wondering what one’s purpose is in life. The raw emotions are palpable and relatable. The piece Home (performed by Haim) is a metaphor for finding peace with one’s identity and life journey. Forever & Again (performed by Deep Blue Sounds) is a bittersweet song about doing the impossible for love, which parallels Ken’s feelings for Barbie. Closer to Fine is a lovely song about rediscovering the world with a fresh perspective, which complements Barbie’s dream to live in the real world and explore the possibilities. 

Each song represents different moments of the Barbie movie, from happy to sad and everything in between (including introspections). 

The artists on the Barbie soundtrack did an incredible job of capturing the various emotions about Barbie’s story in the movie. Ryan Gosling did an excellent job with the songs I’m Just Ken and Push. He sang with great passion. The film’s cast was also fantastic in performing the various tracks, including I’m Just Ken

The soundtrack for Barbie The Movie is full of depth and emotion. It also creates a nostalgic feeling that many feel, regardless of the generation.

Barbie The Movie soundtrack is available.