Vincent Niclo’s Operatic Homage to Classics – Opéra Celte

French Opera singer Vincent Niclo released a new album entitled Opéra Celte. It’s an homage to famous national anthems and classic music hits (such as La Tribu de Dana). 

The music is Celtic Opera / Classical. The album has an operatic take on famous songs but also honours each piece’s original composition and structure with Irish Celtic music. It has a lovely concert vibe. The record primarily pays homage to Irish Celtic Folk songs, especially with various Irish/Scottish instruments, including the bagpipes. The rendition of Amazing Grace with a touch of Irish folk was beautiful. Another example is La Tribu De Dana and Tri Martolod (Breton version of Tri Martolod). There is a contemporary Operatic style to these versions of the Irish Folk song and other famous songs from various decades that add another dynamic layer. 

    The compositions are rich and beautifully intricate in their musical structure. The medley of styles is phenomenal in combining different music cultures in perfect harmony. The piece Greensleeves is phenomenal in blending musical styles – modern/contemporary Opera with the Traditional English Folk music of the original version.  

The music throughout the album is captivating, blending Folk (including English and Irish Folk) and Opera with great finesse.

There are impressive duets with artists whose famous hits are on the album. The first example is his incredible duet with Manau in the tune La Tribu De Dana. Their voices combined make a dynamic blend of vocal styles. Another fantastic duet is Fils de Lorient with Soldat Louis (whose famous single it is). The contrast of voices is incredible. A third example is Greensleeves with Domaine Public and Florent Bidoyen singing in the background give a beautiful choir feel.

Vincent Niclo’s voice is rich. He sings passionately, paying a beautiful homage to Classical and Pop songs. He performs each song with heart and soul. He has an impressive vocal range and adapts it to the musical style of each song. It’s remarkable to hear Vincent Niclo performs songs in French, English, Gaelic and Breton (a Southwestern Brittonic – a Celtic language group spoken in Brittany). Examples of songs in Breton are Tri Martolod (La Tribu de Dana/the tribe of Dana) and Bro gozh ma zadou (Old Land of My Fathers, according to sources). He honoured these songs and languages with great respect and heart.

Vincent Niclo and the artists with whom he collaborated did remarkable work honouring these Traditional songs (i.e. Amazing Grace and Greensleeves) and famous singles (i.e. La Tribu De Dana).

The album Opéra Celte is available. 

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