Half Way Through Summer 2023

We’re about halfway through the Summer. I hope you are all enjoying it despite the intense heat. If you are in an area with smog caused by forest fires, be careful and stay home as much as you can. I’m in Montreal, and it’s been hard when I had to go out. I assure you I’m doing okay, thank God.  

The music has been a lot of fun to hear with emerging artists, including Silka Weil and Jordyn Sugar. It was also a joy to pay a musical homage to various milestones in music history, including the 10th anniversary of Lorde’s 2013 single Royals and the 50th anniversary of Queen’s first album, their eponym. Picking a favourite article can be a challenge, but there is one album I especially found heartfelt, Ed Sheeran’s record Subtract. It was a profound and personal album – done with heart and soul. The diverse musical styles and genres are impressive, including a combination of Opera and Folk or Pop and Rap. The creativity of the artists and their teams is remarkable.  

I’m currently taking a little break from the blog. I look forward to resuming the blog work I enjoy so much. 

Have a lovely Summer! 

Flora Youssef

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