Single Saturdays: Carole Samaha -Nasskha Menni

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha released a new single, Nasskha Menni (a copy of me). The song is about what it feels like to have found true love. Project Manager Eddy Jazra did remarkable work managing the project of this single.

The music is Arabic Pop. Mohsen Yegeneh composed the ballad with a beautiful, wavy rhythm. The song starts with Tango-style dance music, which gives it a lovely Spanish vibe. The music is rich and has an incredible blend of musical styles, Arabic Tarab and Spanish tango. Daniel R. did a remarkable job with the mix of these two styles and the different rhythms. Elio Kallassi and LPME Studios made the song’s arrangement with great precision. Dave Kutch did incredible work on the mastering.  

Recording engineer Natalya Arakelian recorded the song’s rhythms, capturing the different musical styles and the emotions it conveys. The blend of the semi-fast rhythm before the verses and the chorus with the slower music during the verses is well-balanced. The transition of tempos is smooth with a perfect gradual speed. 

Carole Samaha’s voice is lovely and soulful. She sings with genuine love and passion. She has a fantastic vocal range that suits each moment of the song and conveys the wave of emotions one feels when in love.

The lyrics are romantic. Salim Assaf wrote the song with heart and soul, capturing what love, true love is. The words are poetic, written with a smooth flow. The writing style of combining the rhyming structure ABAB and freestyle poetry is fantastic. The tune celebrates what true love is, which feels hopeful. The love the song describes is a kind that feels intense or overwhelming at times but also makes one feel alive with pure happiness and bliss. The verses detail the lovely relationship the couple has with great depth. The chorus is nicely simplistic but says so much. It’s a beautiful feeling to love and be loved, which the lyrics describe beautifully. 

The single Nasskha Menni is available. 

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