First Album Fridays: Evie Asio – Contending & Contention

British artist Evie Asio released her first album entitled Contending & Contention. The themes are soul searching and love. 

The music is R&B/Soul. The album starts with a lovely piano introduction, Contending & Contention, a musical number. Heaven Minded is another musical piece with incredible piano and guitar playing. It parallels two Queen songs: Love of My Life and Who Wants to Live Forever. The sounds of people and nature in the background add a sweet touch. 
     The record has heartfelt ballads that complement each song’s story. The piece Available parallels Destiny’s Child’s early works, such as Bills Bills Bills, No No No Part 1 and Jumpin Jumpin’, except with a slower tempo. The tune From Here is impressive in its composition, a mix of old-school R&B and contemporary style. It parallels Janet Jackson’s 80s hits like  Someday is Tonight and Let’s Wait A While. Turning Time reminds me of the song Colors of the Wind by Judy Kuhn from the film Pocahontas. It also parallels Beyonce’s Halo and Destiny’s Child’s single  Emotions. The song Imperfect People has beautiful guitar playing in the background, rich and soulful. 
      There are fantastic fast-beat tunes. The song In The Middle has an impressive fast-paced piano that reminds me of the R&B styles of Beyoncé and the late Whitney Houston. It then slows down in rhythm to smoothly transition into a faster tempo. The tune Pendulum has a fun 70s/80s vibe – some parts sound similar to Janet Jackson’s 80s songs, such as Pleasure Principle, Escapade and Miss You Much, with a Soul touch. The piece Love is Low has a bold rhythm with incredible guitar beats. It also parallels Janet Jackson’s Pleasure Principle. These upbeat tunes are impressive.
The music is bold and dynamic, and the compositions are phenomenal and rich.

Evie Asion’s voice is rich and deep. She sings with heart and soul. She expresses her emotions felt in the songs with passion. Her vocal style is fantastic and bold.

The theme of the spiritual journey has a significant presence throughout the album. The lyrics are powerful and profound. The words are heartfelt and soulful. The song In The Middle is a touching tune about the internal conflict of emotions between doubt/anxiety and confidence and courage. It talks about the challenge of overcoming the worst critic, ourselves. The poetry is rich. There’s even a philosophical feel to it. Pendulum is a fantastic song about living life confidently and overcoming the habit of doubt/overthinking. It reminds me of the joyful vibe from the single  So Good by Destiny’s Child. The tune From Here is about where one is going metaphorically and spiritually, occasionally questioning the process. It has an incredible depth. Turning Time is a remarkable song about finding answers about life, happiness, mental clarity, etc. It demonstrates that often, the answers are within us during the soul-searching process. Imperfect People is a heartwarming song about showing love, respect and compassion to others, accepting and loving people as they are. It represents hope and belief there is still good and kindness in the world. 
    There’s a romantic component to the album. Love is Low is a sweet and heartfelt song about love and compassion. The words are poetic and soulful.
 The subject of heartbreak is also present in the album. The song Available is a profound piece about struggling with heartbreak caused by a partner whose commitment seems questionable. The raw emotions are palpable. 

    The lyrics are poetic and rich in language and depth. The words are inspirational and hopeful, even when mentioning the dark times of life.

The album Contending & Contention is available.

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