Single Saturdays: Jonny Zye – Soul Searching

American artist Jonny Zye has a new single entitled Soul Searching. The song is about looking inwards in getting to know oneself and figuring out what’s essential in life. 

The music is Singer/Songwriter and Pop. The song has a fantastic old-school beat. The guitar in the background sounds cozy and intimate. There’s also a lovely R&B vibe. The ballad has a rhythmic composition with 70s-style music. It parallels the classic hits Imagine by John Lennon and Father & Son by Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam). The tune has an incredible richness. The song’s rhythm reminds me of the calming sound of the ocean waves. The music would work for a road trip vibe or a quiet drive with a beautiful breeze. Some moments make me think of Santana’s single Maria Maria. The composition ends with a lovely fade-out. The song has a soulful beat.

Jonny Zye’s voice is deep and rich. He sings from the heart. He courageously expresses his vulnerability and doubt, giving the song a touching humanity.  

The lyrics are deep and inspirational. The song’s poetic writing has a balanced combination of AABB and freestyle writing. The message behind the tune is hope, faith and perseverance through hard times. The words are rich in emotions. It also inspires one never to give up and that the answers within us, especially happiness. The determination is profound and genuine. The song perfectly describes how many feel in challenging, discouraged and confused but have a glimmer of hope that things will improve with faith and patience. The words are well-written, describing mixed emotions with heart and soul.

The single Soul Searching is available.

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