Day 7: Andrea, Matteo & Virginia Bocelli – A Family Christmas

Italian artist Andrea Bocelli and his children Matteo and Virginia have released a Christmas album entitled A Family Christmas. There are 11 covers and two original songs.

The music is Holiday and Classical. The songs, including two original pieces, have beautiful compositions (The Greatest Gift and Il Giorno Più Speciale), honouring the Christmas classics, including a traditional Italian song Buon Natale (Merry Christmas). The compositions flow smoothly, with impressive musical structures. The piano and the guitar in the background complement the classical music vibe and the cozy feeling- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is a fantastic example. The piece Somewhere Over The Rainbow has beautiful composition following the structure of the original version combined with classical symphony-like music. Impressive! The music on this Christmas album is lively and full of heart and soul.

Andrea Bocelli, his children Matteo and Virginia’s voices are fantastic. Each one has a unique vocal style. The voices of all of them complement each other nicely. Matteo Bocelli has an incredible voice and made an impression with his tenor singing. There’s a lovely, touching duet of Andrea & Virginia Bocelli performing the piece Over The Rainbow. The heartfelt performances include two solo ones by Virginia Bocelli with When Christmas Comes To Town and Away In A Manger. The performances by all three of them are from the heart. 

The album has two original songs, The Greatest Gift and  Il Giorno Più SpecialeThe Greatest Gift is a beautiful Christmas song about love and peace. Amy Wadge, Jonas Myrin, Stephan Moccio, and Andrea Bocelli wrote the lyrics with linguistic richness and beautiful poetry. The tune Il Giorno Più Speciale (the most special day*) is an Italian song that describes Christmas day and the beautiful feeling it brings. Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli, and Virginia Bocelli did remarkable work writing the tune. Although I don’t speak Italian, the words sound beautiful. These two original pieces are heartwarming and soulful.

The album A Family Christmas is available.

*according to Google translate

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