George Michael Faith Album: 35th Anniversary

October 30, 2022, marks the 35th Anniversary of George Michael’s first album, Faith. It was his first solo album after Wham.

There’s a remarkable variety of musical styles, ranging from Rock to Gospel-style music (i.e. Father Figure). The music is R&B/Soul, and Pop combined with some Rock parallels 1950s-style Rock. For example, Faith is an example of the old-school 50s Rock sound with Gospel parts. The transition from the organ to the guitar is smooth. The album has a timeless and bold sound. The music has an edgy style, for which George Michael becomes known. The record has ballads with rich rhythms, such as Father Figure, Kissing A Fool and One More Try. The various instruments, such as the percussion, the drums and the guitar, played in perfect harmony. The upbeat tracks, such as Faith and Hard Day, are dynamic and have catchy beats. The compositions are beautifully intricate and reflect the story of each song. Impressive works by the musicians (mentioned below). George Michael did a fantastic job of producing the album. 

George Michael’s voice is husky and smooth. He has excellent vocals, and he sings with passion and heart. George Michael’s vocal range is impressive, going from soft and deep to high-pitch voice. He performs every song with incredible precision. 

The songs have a shift in content and ideas. The lyrics are diverse in various subjects – from love to heartbreak to personal struggles. There were also some controversial songs. The 80s hit Faith is an impressive one about relationships and rules. It starts with a guy dating around and then encountering a girl who’s doing the same. Then, it shifts to having faith and waiting for the right person to come along-never give up. Kissing a Fool is about mixed emotions regarding a past love, feeling heartbreak but also wanting to go back to the relationship. Father Figure is a heartfelt song. It tells a touching story about a man going from crime to a life of love and care for a significant other. It’s a symbol of protection, security and loyalty. There’s incredible depth in this tune. One More Try is a heartbreaking song about hesitating to return to a relationship because of the hurt and heartbreak caused by the partner. The vulnerability is profound- full of raw emotions. Other examples of deep feelings include Monkey and Hand to Mouth. George Michael wrote all the songs on his own. There’s one tune, Look at Your Hands, which George Michael co-wrote with David Austin. There’s exceptional poetry, including freestyle, throughout the album. George Michael was a remarkable songwriter who knew how to express his deepest feelings.

Happy 35th Anniversary to Faith, George Michael’s first solo album!

List of Musicians on the Faith album

-George Michael – vocals, keyboards (2, 3, 5, 6, 8), bass guitar (6), keyboard bass (9), drums (7), programming, percussion, arranger, producer
-Robert Ahwai – guitar
-J.J. Belle – guitar
-Hugh Burns – guitar
-Roddy Matthews – guitar on Monkey
-Chris Cameron – piano, keyboards, organ, backing vocals
-Betsy Cook – keyboards
-Danny Schogger – keyboards
-Deon Estus – bass guitar
-Ian Thomas – drums
-Andy Duncan – percussion
-Rick Taylor – trombone
-Steve Sidwell – trumpet
-Malcolm Griffiths – trombone
-Jamie Talbot – saxophone
-Paul Spong – trumpet
-John Altman – saxophone
-Mark Chandler – trumpet
-Steve Waterman – trumpet
-Shirley Lewis – backing vocals

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