Blue’s Sixth Studio Album Heart & Soul

British boy band Blue has released a new album entitled Heart & Soul. The themes are love and heartbreak. 

The music is Pop/Brit Pop. The album has musical styles that parallel the early 2000s, including the early works of Blue, giving it a nostalgic feel. The compositions are fantastic and rich. There are incredible beats.  
    The album has upbeat songs, such as Haven’t Found You Yet and Dance With Me. The tune Haven’t Found You Yet has a bold disco sound with a contemporary beat. Dance With Me is a lively party-vibe-type song. It parallels a past hit by Blue called Bubblin and Too CloseHeart & Soul has lovely 70s and 80s-style beats. It reminds me of Janet Jackson’s When I Think of You. Ultraviolet has a fantastic dance sound that reminds me of music heard at events or clubs. It also has an awesome 70s-style beat.
    The ballads are intricate, with impressive rhythms and music representing precise emotions (love or heartbreak). This Could Be Love is a beautiful ballad with fast beats representing the heart beating fast. It parallels a1’s music from the late 90s/early 2000s in musical styles, for example, the songs Everytime and Take On Me. Let’s Get Sad has some intense piano moments that convey the moments of heartbreak and sadness. The wavy rhythm is a symbol of struggle and the eventual breakup. The tune Man Do parallels Prince’s music in the 80s-style. The song entitled Magnetic parallels John Legend’s single All of Me, especially with the piano. Gravity has an incredible gradient rhythm transition from slow to fast and vice-versa. It sounds similar to the Backstreet Boys’ 2001 hit Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely. Stop has a fantastic piano sound. It also has a lovely R&B sound. The pace of the song works with a sense of solidarity and hope.

The four members of Blue have fantastic voices that complement each other. They sound even better as they evolve as artists. In this album, each member of Blue sings their respective parts and transitions smoothly from one another. 

The lyrics are romantic and poetic, but at times sad and heartbreaking. The writing of the songs is simplistic yet conveys a straightforward story or message. The album ends on a contemplative note. 
     The album has beautiful romantic songs. The piece Haven’t Found You Yet tells the story of a man dreaming about the love of his life, whom he hasn’t met. Dance With Me is about a guy trying to charm a young woman. The attraction sounds mutual. This Could Be Love is a lovely romantic story about two people falling in love and the moment presents itself. The tune Heart & Soul is another sweet love story about a man ready to commit to a partner. The piece Man Do is about a man dealing with how love can be intense. Magnetic is about instant attraction but also a growing romance. Ultraviolet is a romantic metaphor/similar, expressing love and passion. These love songs are lovely and sweet.
     The record also has songs about heartbreak. Let’s Get Sad is about a pending breakup despite everything the couple tried. It’s a song about how one must accept and know when to call it quits. The raw emotions are profound. Gravity is a heartbreaking song that reminds people of unrequited love and life’s harsh realities. These tunes are deep and rich in emotions.
      Stop is a heartfelt song about remembering the good stuff in life and relearning the ability to love, along with a sense of solidarity and hope. It’s about how people need to care for one another again. 
     The songs are incredibly well-written and profound, with a great diversity in storytelling. 

The album Heart & Soul is available.

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