Single Saturdays: Queen – Face It Alone

British Rock Band Queen released a previously unreleased single, Face It Alone. The song is about life’s journey and taking charge of one’s life.

The music is Rock. The song starts with drums and transitions to the guitar at a slow pace, then gradually increases in tempo. During the chorus, it goes faster to slow down again. The composition is phenomenal, with a rich blend of melodies. It combines a balanced mix of Rock and Classical, which Queen pulls off impressively, reminding me of Bohemian Rhapsody but with a slower rhythm. The beat parallels the musical styles of various Japanese instruments. The single has a rich but also powerful sound. The ballad has a wavy rhythm to represent life’s ups and downs.   Brian May (guitar), Roger Taylor (drums), John Deacon (bass) and Freddie Mercury (piano) played their instruments with precision and style at the right moment- perfect timing.

Freddie Mercury’s voice is impressive, as always. His vocal range, for which the Queen frontman was known, is bold and rich. At times, he has softness, increasing intensity in his voice at the end of the chorus. He transitions from different tempos smoothly.

The four members of Queen wrote the song. The lyrics are deep and soulful. It reminds me of their hit Who Wants to Live Forever, in terms of the topic of living life. The tune tells the story of taking charge of one’s life, and there’s a sense of contemplation. It teaches a lesson about living life how one sees fit, not through the eyes of others or their version of it. No one else can live your life, only you, in other words. The poetry is rich, with an impressive combination of poetic styles, such as a partial use of ABAB and freestyle poetry. The song has a remarkable mix of impactful passages with moments of genuine vulnerability, which gives it beautiful richness and depth.

The single Face It Alone is available. 

Side Note
The Collector’s and Deluxe editions of the album The Miracle are coming out on November 18.

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