Single Saturdays: Vianney Feat Ed Sheeran – Call on Me

French singer Vianney and British Pop star Ed Sheeran have a new single entitled Call On Me. The song is about friendship and grief over losing someone dear.

The music is French Pop. The song has an old-fashioned sound that gives it a 70s vibe. The tempo nicely transitions from slow to an upbeat sound from the verse to the chorus. The composition is well-structured and rich. The rhythm is smooth. It parallels the musical styles of Uncle Kracker’s Follow Me, Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud and Photograph, and Passenger’s Let Her GoThe guitar adds a lovely touch to the delicate ballad. It gives the song a cozy and intimate vibe, similar to acoustic performances. The music is fantastic and comforting during challenging times, which many can relate to.

Vianney and Ed Sheeran’s voices are fantastic and rhythmic. They sing in perfect harmony. It’s an incredible duet – each voice is phenomenal separate and together. Ed Sheeran singing in French was nice to hear.  

The lyrics are touching and heartfelt, expressing the essence of true friendship. The bilingual combination of French and English is incredible. The words are profoundly lyrical and rich in meaning and depth. There’s a touching sense of hope that things will get better in time. The song has an impressive poetic combination of rhyming (AABB style) and freestyle writing without following any specific structure in certain passages in a well-written manner. It’s a heartfelt song about loss and grief, yet there’s a feeling of silver lining after a difficult time. 

The single Call On Me is available. 

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