Eliane’s Latest Album Reset

Swiss artist Eliane has released a new album entitled Reset. The themes are love, heartbreak, and life.

The music is Singer/Songwriter and Swiss Pop. There are beautiful compositions. The piano playing in the background gives the album a classical music vibe. Each piece has music that perfectly suits the song’s story and mood.  

      The album has some compositions that sound sad or intense. The songs include  Rewrite the Ending and Hideaway. The piece Are We Really Done has slow segments with some intense moments (i.e. during the chorus)The tune Rewrite the Ending has a consistent intensity with a beat that feels like a heartbeat. The song Hideaway has a slow start, then increases slightly in a constant tempo. Cold Water goes from a slow to a bold rhythm representing confidence and courage. Cover Story parallels Dido’s Thank You (during the verses part of the song) to express emotion. The snapping of fingers in the background adds a bold touch. Then the beat increases in rhythm, representing standing up for oneself. The song Promises has an impressive composition in which the music and the voice are in sync. It has a wavy rhythm – a symbol of a personal journey. It reminds me of Taylor Swift’s single I Knew You Were Trouble. There are verses with an incredible R&B vibe- a remarkable mix of musical styles. The tune Blackbird has a tone representing life’s journey through transformation – a bittersweet process. The music of the piano sounds like classical music through a smooth beat.

The record also has romantic or joyful sounds, including songs like  The Greatest Soul and Blind. The tune Small World has a mix of fast and slow rhythm that symbolizes life’s ups and downs. The piece Reset has a lovely soothing piano sound. The Greatest Soul has a fantastic musical combination of drums and piano. The transitions of life and love are well-represented in the music. It has upbeat sounds, which represent something positive and hopeful. The song Blind has beautiful piano & guitar sounds. There’s a lovely Country vibe (parallel to Dolly Parton). It also has passages similar to the tune Don’t Let The Sun Come Down on Me and Tiny Dancer by Elton John. Simple Love is an upbeat song that parallels Shania Twain’s music (You Win My Love). Lastly, the tune Scent of Snow has a lovely Christmas vibe with a rhythmic and intricate composition.

     The music is fantastic, with incredible sounds and an impressive mix of musical styles. There’s excellent richness, especially with the melody of the piano.

Eliane’s voice is soft and rhythmic. She has an impressive vocal range. She sings with heart and soul, with great passion. Eliane has a beautiful duet with Jan Wiss, singing the song Blind. Their voices complement each other- they sing in perfect harmony.

The lyrics are romantic or sad, depending on the songThey are also profound and poetic. The imagery is phenomenal in describing the various topics, including life’s adventures. The words are soulful and heartfelt.  

     The album has some sad songs expressing genuine heartbreak and vulnerability, such as Rewrite the EndingCold Water and Blackbird. The song Are We Really Done is about a relationship that is falling apart, which seems like a surprise and wondering if it’s worth saving it. It’s a heartbreaking situation to which one can relate. Rewrite the Ending describes the struggles of a relationship through metaphors of the storm. It conveys the wishful thinking of undoing mistakes that caused the end of the relationship. The piece Hideaway is about a woman who remembers the partner she used to love and wonders if they’re doing well – it represents what many of us feel when a relationship ends. Cold Water is about seeing clearly after heartbreak. It represents that bittersweet transition from heartbreak to moving. Cover Story tells the story of a woman frustrated by her partner trying to use her for his image or prestige. The song Promises is a tune about courageously ending a toxic relationship, finally saying enough is enough. The repetition emphasizes the importance of communication and commitment-it was a poetic touch.

     There’s one song, Blackbird, about the bittersweet journey of life – the challenging transformation and evolution in life. The bird is a metaphor for discovering the world and the possibilities, with some struggles and pain. 

     The album also has romantic/happy songs, such as The Greatest Soul and Blind ( a duet with Jan Wiss). Reset is about taking a chance in life and trying something with courage. The Greatest Soul is a heartwarming song about celebrating a wonderful person, a story told from a woman’s perspective. The tune Small World is a heartfelt tune about patience, understanding, and compassion requested by the young woman. Blind (a duet with Jan Wiss) is a sweet, romantic song representing true and pure love between two people. Simple Love is about keeping things simple regarding relationships with pure love, communication, respect and understanding. It also demonstrates the importance of being oneself and true to who one is. The tune Scent of Snow is a beautiful and heartwarming song celebrating fun times with loved ones, including significant others and remembering one’s blessings.

The lyrics are incredible and rich in language. The words are expressive with remarkable depth.

The album Reset is available.

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