George Michael’s Single Faith: 35th Anniversary

October 12, 2022, marks the 35th anniversary of George Michael’s single Faith. According to sources, the song became a number-one hit later that month on the US Billboard Hot 100. On the Billboard Hot 100, it reached number one in early December. George Michael wrote, arranged and produced the single.

The music is Pop combined with Rock and Roll. The song starts with an organ, a suitable introductory instrument played by Chris Cameron, and then transitions to the upbeat tempo of a guitar. Hugh Burns played the guitar and did an excellent job playing the vintage. The guitar, the star instrument, was particularly impressive in the moments between lyrics, including before the start of the third verse- a classic Rock & Roll moment, an homage to the 1950s Rock sound. Deon Estus was the bass player whose part made the beat bold. George Michael did the programming and the percussion with excellent precision. The rhythm is incredible in its waviness, representing the ups and downs of love. The tempo being gradual at specific moments is fantastic. The musicians were phenomenal in making the song’s edgy and dynamic mix of musical styles. The composition is remarkable, with a perfect structure. It’s a timeless sound- 35 years later! 

George Michael’s voice was soft and husky. He sang with great rhythm and edge. His vocal style was impressive and dynamic – the single Faith is an excellent example of that.

The lyrics are unforgettable and straightforward in telling a story about relationships and their rules and guidelines. The song is also about wanting more than a fling – from adventure to seeking love and companionship. The song has smooth freestyle poetry. The simplicity works well with the importance of communication and knowing what one wishes to have in a partner. The repetition of the word faith emphasizes that everything will work out. It nicely describes the significance of patiently waiting for the right person to come along – hence having faith.

The song Faith is still a catchy song.

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