Single Saturdays: Christine and The Queens – Rien Dire

French artist Christine and The Queens has released a new single entitled Rien Dire (saying nothing). The song expresses that love doesn’t always require words but is also a feeling.

The music is French Pop combined with Techno/Electric. The composition is incredible with its smooth transitions in tempo. The rhythm is wavy, like the ocean- very relaxing. The song has a vibe paralleling the late 90s/ early 2000, with some dance tunes from that time, including the remake of Ella Elle L’a. It also parallels Ellie Goulding Love Like You Do. The music is impressive, and the sound is remarkable. There’s an excellent intricacy and dynamic to the beats and musical styles.

Christine and The Queens’ voice is soft and soulful. She sings with great depth. She has a fantastic rhythm in her singing, adapting her voice to the tempo as the song goes along.

The lyrics are romantic and heartfelt. The song has a deep meaning with a simplistic text. The text is beautifully poetic – it nicely describes how love is beyond words. The lyrics are well-written and within a natural flow. The use of repetition is a great way to emphasize the romantic feeling and vibe. The sentence “Mes gestes ont pris la couleur de tes mouvements” (my actions have taken on the colour of your movements) is a lovely metaphor for the genuine love between two people.* There’s the incredible depth of saying very little. The song is phenomenal in the “a little goes a long way” technique.  

The single Rien Dire is available.

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