Motihari Brigade’s Second Album Algorithm & Blues

UK Group Motihari Brigade has released a second album entitled Algorithms & Blues. The themes are Rock & Roll and partying.

The music is Rock & Roll mixed with some Jazz. The album has musical parts with styles from the 70s and 80s- All the tracks are remarkable. The tune Algorithm & Blue has a fantastic wavy rhythm with a natural flow. It also has a touch of Alternative and Folk, blended in harmony. The song Reality Show parallels the music of The Mamas & Papas. The song Reality Show parallels the music of The Mamas & Papas, especially with their later works. The piece The Party is Over parallels the single Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by the English band Dead or Alive, except with a slower beat. The song Rock-n-Roll Thoughtcrime reminds me of Guns N’ Roses’ single Paradise City, with a bold Rock & Roll edge. The guitar solo parallels the style of Queen’s guitarist Brian May.

The tune Identity Theft has an impressive technique that parallels Queen’s singles Another One Bites the Dust and Killer Queen, as well as I Want It All (the parts with the guitar solo). It also has elements that are similar to Stevie Wonder’s single SuperstitionStreet Fighting Man has a fantastic psychedelic sound. The piece Be Free has a beat similar to the works of Elton John (such as material from the early 70s) and AC/DC. The song Minefields and Downfalls has Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers vibe, along with the musical styles of Queen’s Doing Alright and Harry Chapin’s single Cat’s in the CradleDisintegration Blues is impressive with a Pink Floyd vibe. The tune We Are The Germs has incredible beats – complements to drum and guitar players. Despite the lyrics, the music has awesome Rock beats. The song Too Big To Fail has phenomenal beats with a Smash Mouth vibe mixed with David Bowie’s 80s hit Let’s Dance. The piece Revolution Rock has an excellent musical combination of Smash Mouth with B-52s. The final track Morningstar has a rich and intricate composition similar to ABBA Happy New Year and Elton John Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me. The arrangements are well-structured and remarkably elaborate. The record is dynamic, with an intricate variety of musical styles that blend nicely.

Eric Winston’s voice is husky, rich, and bold. His fantastic vocal range reminds me of the Rock stars of the 70s and 80s. The most impressive is We Are The Germs, in which he sings with a squeaky voice- similar to a one-hit wonder, The Hamsterdance Song by Hampton, the Hamster.

The lyrics are deep and rich in language. The subject matter of the songs is unique in the story-telling style – the content is diverse. The central theme of the record is Rock & Roll life. There’s so much imagination and creativity that went into the album. The tunes have remarkable freestyle poetry. The fact there are almost no love songs reminds me of how some of the Rock bands had a similar idea. Reality Show, for example, is about a false reality versus what’s real. Also, there are unique stories. For example, We Are the Germs is a story told from the Germs’ perspective, which is rare. There are inspirational tunes about perseverance and determination, such as Too Big To Fail. The songs are well-written with exceptional intricacy.

The album Algorithms & Blues is available.

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