Single Saturdays: Thyra Hilden – All Shadows Are One

Danish artist Thyra Hilden has released a new single entitled All Shadows Are One. The song is a lovely metaphor for love in which the two shadows represent two hearts beating as one. 

The music is Pop. The song has a relaxing tone that works well with the lyrics. It’s rhythmic and bold. The composition has a fantastic mix of consistent and gradual transitions of beats. The guitar in the background and the piano create a dynamic sound. The music is impressive and rich in sound. The single has a catchy beat, which reminds me of 90s electric Pop combined with a contemporary sound. Tendo Herbst did a great job producing the song. 

Thyra Hilden’s voice is soft and deep. She has a bold sound and captures the variety of emotions felt in the song. She sings with fantastic rhythm and precision.

The lyrics are poetic and, at times, abstract. The words are well-written through structured poetry. The use of repetition emphasizes the multitude of emotions. The depth of the song is remarkable. It expresses the symbols of different phases of life, including reading between the lines. The shadows blending represent how we’re all part of one collective society or team. The song has an incredible richness of language by saying very little. The tune demonstrates the concept that a little goes a long way perfectly.

The single All Shadows Are One is available.

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