Single Saturdays: Davide Pannozzo – Be Blessed

American singer Davide Panozzo has released a new single entitled Be Blessed. According to his social media pages, the song is about a bond between a father and son.

The music is the Blues. The composition is a beautiful ballad, rich and intricate, with a great rhythm. The waviness of the rhythm is well-structured with fantastic smoothness. The musicians: Rolling Stones’ drummer Steve Jordan, Will Lee (Bass), Clifford Carter (keyboards) and Davide (strings attachment) are incredible and contribute to the remarkable musical quality. Also, the song has a soothing guitar sound that complements its title, credit to Davide Panozzo. Greg Calbi, the mastering engineer, and Kenta Yonesaka, the sound and mixing engineer, did remarkable work on the song, polishing it up nicely. The tone of the single is calming and relaxing.  

The single Be Blessed is available.

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