Tenille Townes’s Latest Album Masquerades

Canadian singer Tenille Townes has released a new album entitled Masquerades. The themes are love and life. 

The music is Country. The compositions are rich with traditional and modern sounds, including Electric Pop. The guitar and the piano compliment the EP’s romantic vibe. There are beautiful ballads: When You Need It (feat. Wrabel), Villain in MeThe Sound of Being Alone, Same Road Home and Light in Your Eyes. Each ballad has a rhythm that suits the tone of each song. The piece Shared Walls (feat. BRELAND) parallels the music of Lady A. The music is dynamic and catchy. The song When’s It Gonna Happen has an impressive combination of fast and slow beats in a perfect balance. The EP has fantastic rhythm and incredible musical styles.

Tenille Townes’s voice is bold and smooth. She sings with great depth and soul. There are two incredible duets:  When You Need It (feat. Wrabel) and Shared Walls (feat. BRELAND). These performances are dynamic, and the voices compliment each other nicely. 

The lyrics are profound, sometimes romantic. The songs are poetic and from the heart. They’re also relatable, especially the piece When’s It Gonna Happen, in which a woman asks herself when will be her turn to find love. It’s a heartfelt tune with a sense of hope. The album has fantastic metaphors, such as the tunes Villain in Me and Shared Walls (feat. BRELAND). Same Road Home is a beautiful song about the journey home, whether from being away or soul searching; there’s a lovely depth and linguistic richness. There’s incredibly detailed imagery throughout the record. The lyrics are well-written with remarkable intricacy and freestyle writing that makes each song feel genuine and from the heart. 

The EP Masquerades is available.

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