Single Saturdays: James Bay – One Life

British singer James Bay has released a new single entitled One Life. The song is a heartwarming and sweet love story about the future.

The music is alternative. It’s a lovely ballad with a beautiful wavy rhythm. The guitar in the background complements the song’s romantic vibe – a pleasant sound. The tune has a catchy sound with a pace that is soothing. The song has a remarkable fusion of old-school with a contemporary twist. This single has a lovely 70s touch that reminds me of Bee Gees and Abba. It also parallels Shawn Mendes’s single hit, Summer of Love. The composition is impressively rich and well-structured. 

James Bay’s voice is husky and soft. He has a rich, distinctive vocal style- he sings with heart and soul. He has a fantastic vocal range hitting each note at the perfect moment. 

It’s a song that’s from the heart. It tells a beautiful story of a man thinking about his future with his significant other – a relatable subject. The lyrics are romantic and sweet. The words are poetic with impressive freestyle writing that gives the song a natural and smooth flow. It also has an inspirational message about living life to the fullest and acknowledging not being able to live it alone. This song has hope and joy amidst the mixed emotions, which it conveys with precision in a well-written manner. The depth of this piece is exceptional and moving.

The single One Life is available.

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