La Chicane’s Latest Album Quand Ça Va Ben

The Canadian group La Chicane has released a new album, Quand ça va ben (when it’s going well). This time, the band has added Acadian singer Jean-Marc Couture. The themes are life and love.

The music is Musique Francophone and Folk, with some Country. The compositions are dynamic with catchy sounds. There’s a lovely sense of coziness, nicely representing Quebec and Acadian styles. Some upbeat songs include Dis-Moi (tell me) and Je reviens en Ville (I’m coming back to the city). These pieces bring a smile to one’s face, especially in hard times. 

The album also has lovely ballads, including Ils partiront bientôt (they’ll leave early), Petit géant (little giant), T’es Ben Plus Belle (you’re even prettier). The key instrument complements these songs nicely. 

The members of La Chicane are incredible musicians, playing harmoniously. Jean-Marc Couture, Christian Legault and Matt Laurent play the guitar remarkably. Eric Maheux plays the key instrument beautifully.
The music of the record is rich and folkloric. The compositions are well-structured- each song has a beautiful rhythm.

The members of La Chicane have fantastic voices. Their respective vocal styles blend nicely but also have a distinct sound. They sing together in harmony. 

There’s an incredible depth throughout the album that is incredibly unique to Quebec folk and Country-style music. The lyrics are rich and diverse. Each song tells a personal story to which one can relate. The tunes are rich in language and poetry. Quebecois expressions give a folksy feel, making the songs feel special and from the heart. The range in subject matter goes from heartbreak to life in a Quebec town. The songs are well-written with impressive intricacy. 

The album Quand ça va ben is available. 

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