Single Saturdays: Ulrikke – Love You to Love Me

Norwegian singer Ulrikke has released a new single entitled Love You to Love Me. The song is about going from heartbreak to love.

The music is Pop. The music is rich and intricate- it has a lovely combination of the 70s beats and contemporary sounds, classic to European music. The composition is beautifully well-structured with an edgy and catchy sound. It starts slowly then smoothly transitions to upbeat sounds that are cheerful. The chorus has the most upbeat sounds that add to the sense of hope and joy. The rhythm flows naturally in a smooth and wavy fashion. The drums compliment the song’s vibe and the lively beats. Love You to Love Me has diverse musical styles, including the use of classical music played with a violin. Impressive!

Ulrikke’s voice is rhythmic and soulful. Her vocal range is impressive, hitting the high notes at the perfect moment. She sounds sweet and optimistic in her tone regarding love and life, singing with hope and enthusiasm.

The lyrics are hopeful, inspirational and romantic. The song Love You to Love Me inspires both love and self-love. The words are poetic, with lovely freestyle writing. The repetition of the word “love” emphasizes the importance of love and self-love, the essence of life. The tune is well-written and easy to follow. Love You to Love Me is also about how the heart and the person can bounce back, including when giving love to others, which comes back beautifully to you. The song is full of hope and joy that love is possible and everyone deserves it.

The single Love You to Love Me is available.

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