Single Saturdays: Eliane – Cold Water

Swiss singer Eliane has a new single out entitled Cold Water. The song is about heartbreak and the struggles of finding love again. 

The music is Pop and Singer/Songwriter. The composition is incredible and rhythmic. The drums have a lovely slow rhythm that gradually increases in tempo to reflect the various emotions felt by the woman. The piano adds another musical layer to complement the song’s story. There’s a bold intensity during certain times, mainly in the verses. It’s a beautiful ballad with some joyful moments with a sense of hope through challenging times.

Eliane’s voice is soft and soulful. Her singing has richness and depth. Her vocal style has rhythm – she sings with grace.

The lyrics are profound. The song is a metaphor for feeling lost following a separation. The anxiety/doubt is something to which one can relate to coping with heartbreak and grief. It also covers the sense of emptiness/heartbreak after feeling let down by the partner, represented by the title “Cold Water.” The sad part of the tune is that the woman asks herself what she could have done differently. When the song says “I Can’t See Clear,” it represents the confusion and the replaying in one’s head what happened. There’s incredible depth to the song, full of raw emotions. Vulnerability is something that many can understand, and it clearly shows with this well-written piece.

The single Cold Water is available.

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