Selena The Movie – 25th Anniversary

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March 21, 2022, marks the 25th Anniversary of the movie Selena, starring Jennifer Lopez. The film tells the story of the late singer who passed away at 23. Her career spanned 14 years, in which she made an impact on the music scene, especially Tejano music.

Selena’s music was incredible. She sang in both Spanish and English. The movie did a remarkable job telling her story from her childhood to her final days.  It also showed the love story between Selena and Chris Perez.

The concert scenes were incredible. The montage of various concerts/gigs was well-done. Jennifer Lopez did a fantastic job in those scenes. She had impressive dance moves when she did the musical sequences. 

The soundtrack has the original songs performed by Selena and three performed by other artists related to the movie. The three pieces are Oldies Medley ( by the Vidal Brothers),  Viviras Selena (Pete Astudillo, Emilio Navaira, Jennifer Y Los Jetz, Bobby Pulido, Barrio Boyz), and One More Time (Lil’ Ray). The tunes are fantastic. They felt like I was at the concert, with some of the tracks.  

The film honoured the life of Selena. May She rest in peace. 

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