First Album Fridays: Samm Henshaw Untidy Soul

British singer Samm Henshaw has released his first album entitled Untidy Soul. The themes are the journey of life and love.

The music is R&B/Soul. The instruments, including the piano, parallel the old-school sounds of Jazz and the Caribbean beats of Jamaica or Barbados. The record had an intriguing introduction with a phone ringing, which sounds musical. The overall feel of the album is relaxing and calming. The music is catchy and memorable. The compositions are rich and intricate. Many songs, such as Thoughts and Prayers and East Detroit, start slow then increase smoothly. The interludes add depth to the album and are good segues to the vibe of the upcoming songs. The pieces Waterbreak and Keyon have a lovely sound similar to Lounge music. The album is rich and dynamic in musical style – an incredible range of rhythms and beats.

Samm Henshaw’s voice is soft and rhythmic. He has an impressive vocal range. He sings with heart and soul, capturing the various emotions felt in each song. There are three remarkable duets in the record: Take Time with Tobe Nwigwe, It Won’t Change with Maverick Sabre, and Still Broke with Keyon Harrold.

      The lyrics are profound and poetic. The songs have a detailed description of each story (whether it’s a love story or one about growth). There are some romantic tunes full of heart and soul. The words are well-written and rich in language. The album also has profoundly personal and vulnerable pieces.
There are incredible songs that are personal, full of heart and soul. These songs reflect various moments in life, including retrospection and appreciation of blessing. The pieces are Still No Album (Intro), Thoughts and Prayers, Grow, Chicken Wings, Mr. Introvert (including the reprise), Enough, and Joy. For example, Still No Album (Intro) is relatable in talking about artists and the challenges to finding inspirationThe stories of these tunes are dynamic and soulful.
Other personal songs have a relatable vulnerability like the following pieces: 8.16, East Detroit, and Still Broke (with Keyon Harrold). The tunes like East Detroit and Still Broke represent emotional challenges and struggles people can relate to. Samm Henshaw covers the topics such as heartache and confusion delicately.
The album has a few beautifully romantic songs: Loved By You, It Won’t Change (with Maverick Sabre) and Take Time (with Tobe Nwigwe). The love felt in these pieces is profound and sincere.
Keyon is an interlude with a humorous dialogue between the boy playing the tuba and his mother or neighbour.
The songs are rich in language and profound meaning. The way the album covers multiple aspects of life is remarkable.

The album Untidy Soul is available.

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