Single Saturdays: Naffymar & Marizu – Power

British singer Naffymar and Nigerian artist Marizu have a new single out entitled Power. The song is about confidence and courage to feel empowerment in the face of adversity.

The music genre is Inspirational. The song has a Summer vibe, which is comforting during the winter months. The upbeat tone of the single is catchy and bold. It reminds me of beats from Jamaican music. The composition is intricate and dynamic. The rhythm is wavy, and the transition of tempos is fantastic and gradually changes at the perfect speed. The song ends on an excellent fast-paced sound with one dancing even after it ends.

Naffymar and Marizu’s voices are rhythmic and rich- they sing together in a beautiful duet. Their vocal styles are complementary to one another. They perform with heart, soul and passion.

The lyrics are hopeful but also empowering. The song is beautiful and rich in language and meaning. It has a positive message of strength in believing that nothing is impossible – a never-give-up attitude. There’s a touching metaphor in the line “spread my wings and fly away”- it’s powerful and represents the endless possibilities life has to offer. The tune has an incredible depth. The words are well-written with remarkable freestyle poetry. 

The single Power is available.

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