Single Saturdays: Tai Verdes – Last Day On Earth

American singer Tai Verdes has released a new single entitled Last Day on Earth. The song is about living life as if it were the last day.

The music is Pop. The song has impressive modern beats combined with some old-school musical styles. In the beginning, it sounds like the Blues and Jazz sounds of the 1930s. It also ends with that same beat. The composition is bold and dynamic- it has a gradual rhythm full of layers. The trombone and saxophone are incredible to hear – they give the single an excellent Jazzy sound, as well as the catchy and upbeat sound, especially during the chorus. The mix of musical styles is fantastic, with smooth transitions of tempos and sounds.

Tai Verdes’ voice is rhythmic and smooth. He sounds soulful and deep. He has a waviness in his singing that works well with the song’s vibe.

The lyrics are from the heart and offer a profound perspective on life. The use of freestyle writing demonstrates the importance of living life to the fullest. The structure of the song also has a gradual poetic form. The style is simplistic complementary to the single’s simplicity of the message. The idea of exploring the world and living various experiences (it varies for each person) is something people can relate to and understand. There’s also uncertainty about how one feels when the last day on earth comes. The sentences “If it was my last day on earth” and “If it was my last day” represent where the person’s focus is and the mixed emotions. The depth of this song is incredible. 

The single Last Day on Earth is available.

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