Single Saturdays: Emeli Sandé – Brighter Days

Scottish singer Emeli Sandé has a new single out entitled Brighter Days. The song is about how things will get better. The saying “this too shall pass”  is applicable.

The music is Pop/R&B. The single has a bold sound that complements the catchy sound. It starts with hands clapping together, making it feel interactive and hopeful. It’s combined with the presence of the piano and the drums. The music is upbeat throughout the tune. Then around the third verse, the beat slows down smoothly to the tempo gradually increasing. The song parallels the works of Brandy, Mickey Guyton, Kelly Clarkson, and the late Whitney Houston. It has uplifting music that cheers listeners up, especially during hard times.

Emeli Sandé’s voice is powerful but also cheerful. She has an impressive vocal range hitting each note at the right moment. She sings with hope and positivity. 

The lyrics are positive and inspirational. The song is about having faith, even when things are tough. It’s also full of hope. The repetition of “Brighter Days” emphasizes how things will get better – to remember that there’s a silver lining or a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a positive symbolic mention of the sun, representing the beautiful days that come after an intense storm of struggles and heartache. It also demonstrates the importance of love, hope and friendship. The words are well-written and influential. The use of freestyle represents the free spirit of the song. The song has incredible joy and light.

The single Brighter Days is available.

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