Leon Bridges’ Latest Album Gold-Diggers Sound

American singer Leon Bridges has released a new album entitled Gold Diggers Sound (Deluxe). The themes are love, heartbreak and everyday life.

The music is R&B/Soul. The compositions are fantastic and parallel the works of Usher and Boyz II Men. The album has a 90s vibe combined with some 60s and 70s (i.e. Earth, Wind & Fire). The old-school sound gives the record a lovely nostalgic touch. Gold-Diggers (Junior’s Fanfare) has an Edith Piaf vibe honours old-fashioned French music. This 41-second track is a beautiful interlude to the rest of the album. 

 There’s an incredible mix of instruments: the piano, the guitar, the trombone, the saxophone, etc. The record has a Jazz style mixed nicely with the R&B sound at times.

The album has fantastic ballads with rich compositions and rhythms, such as Born Again, Motorbike, and Magnolias

    Born Again is an example of a beautiful Jazz rhythm. The composition is incredible – it starts slowly to smoothly and slightly increases in tempo. Robert Glasper plays the piano remarkably. The song Motorbike is a bold ballad with a balanced mix of slow and fast beats, representing excitement and adventure. The piece Magnolias also has an incredible jazz rhythm with some experimental and modern beats.

The song Details has a Lauren Hill vibe, mainly when the Fugees performed their hit Killing Me SoftlySho Nuff has incredible Soul music that feels like a nice homage to the Soul music of the 70s. Sweeter has an impressive and intricate composition – a Jazz-like sound. Great use of the saxophone. The piece Don’t Worry (feat. Ink) parallels R&B artist Usher’s works, including U Remind Me of A Girl. There are fantastic guitar sounds. Blue Mesas sounds like Irish folklore, then changes to traditional R&B. The mix of musical styles is remarkable. The album’s last song, Summer Rain (feat. Jazmine Sullivan), has an edgy guitar sound and incredible rhythm.

   In the album, there’s an upbeat song. The piece Steam has an incredible 90s feel similar to Boyz II Men’s hits, including Doin’ Just Fine and MotownphillyIt also has a 70s style that reminds me of the Kool and the Gang and Earth, Wind & Fire.

     There’s also a piece that has an intense beat, which is Why Don’t You Touch Me. It has a well-structured composition where the music is slow and gradient. The sound is impressive.

     The album has experimental and bold sounds, blending old-school with modern beats.

Leon Bridges’ voice is soft and smooth. He sings with a rhythmic pace. 

There are two incredible duets, Don’t Worry (featuring Ink) and Summer Rain (featuring Jazmine Sullivan). In both duet performances, the voices of both artists complemented each other well.

The lyrics are deep, poetic, and romantic. The song Born Again is a touching piece about the renewal of the self and a new perspective on life. It feels personal. According to sources, the inspiration came during the COVID-19 pandemic.

      There are romantic pieces, including Motorbike and Steam. The song Motorbike is a metaphor for riding the journey of love with a special someone. The tune Steam is about taking a leaping of faith- it’s full of hope and positivity. The piece Magnolias is poetic and rich in language. It’s a heartfelt metaphor representing the beauty of love. The song Details is beautiful about living life to the fullest, appreciating the partner as they are, and the little joys in life. It ends with the beautiful and romantic piece Summer Rain. This tune is full of delight and hope.

There are touching pieces related to heartbreak and sadness.

The song Why Don’t You Touch Me is about a struggling relationship of a couple, especially when the man’s significant other doesn’t feel loved, according to his perspective. 

Don’t Worry (feat. Ink) is about a difficult heartbreak. The man still has some feelings for his ex but starts moving on when he realizes there’s no chance to get back together. The song demonstrates well the everyday struggles of a breakup- the vulnerability is profound and raw. Blue Mesas is a deep piece about loneliness and sadness. It shows the importance of mental health.  

   There’s a fantastic song about hope and resilience, which is Sweeter. It inspires one to feel optimistic during challenging times in life.

The lyrics are rich, soulful and well-written. The range of subjects is exceptional.

The album Gold Diggers Sound (Deluxe) is available.

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