Alicia Keys’ Double Album Keys

American singer Alicia Keys has released a new album entitled KEYS. The themes are love, heartbreak, and the journey of life. One side has the original versions, while the other has the unlocked versions- both versions are impressive.

The music is R&B/Soul. It combines old-school/classic Soul music with a contemporary twist. There’s a bold sound that parallels the style of Tina Turner and the late Aretha Franklin. Love When You Call My Name parallels Janet Jackson’s music from the late 80s/early 90s (for example, Someday Is Tonight). It’s rhythmic and smooth. The record has a beautiful jazz-like vibe with multiple instruments: piano, guitar, cello, violin, etc., combined with fantastic rap—impressive work by great musicians. An example is Old Memories, which has an incredible and dynamic composition. 

The album has two versions (originals and unlocked) of many songs, giving it a dynamic contrast. Some pieces are available only on one of the two versions, while others are on both CDs. A lovely tune is Daffodils, which has birds chirping in the background.

The unlocked songs have impressive acoustic performances and feel like an intimate concert. The compositions are intricate and remarkable.

Alicia Keys’ voice is powerful and passionate. She sounds rhythmic and rich. There are incredible duets: 

Pusha T (Plentiful), Brandi Carlile (Paper Flowers), Swae Lee (LALA), Lil Wayne (Nat King Cole – unlocked) and one more with Khalid and Lucky Daye (Come For Me

The lyrics are rich, profound and poetic. Each song has a personal and nostalgic aspect. Some pieces have the inspirational meaning of counting blessings and living life, such as PlentifulSkydive, Billions, and Daffodils. For example, Plentiful is about having faith and knowing that God is “plentiful,” as the song says. It’s a powerful piece. Another one is Daffodils, which enthusiastically mentions Spring, comforting during the cold winter months.

    The record has incredible romantic songs, full of profound love and passion. The pieces are heartwarming and sweet. Examples include Best of Me, Is It Insane, Billions, and Love When You Call My Name.

      Another exciting aspect of the album is the culture, such as Nat King Cole – it also has a nostalgic feel. The song Old Memories also gives the same vibe. These tunes feel personal.

The album has a fantastic variety of subjects, from love to empowerment. The words are well-written, with impressive poetry and language.

The album KEYS is available.

Side Note
The song Billions has some coarse language.
Listener Discretion Advised

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