Bastian Baker’s Dynamic Album Stories of the XXI

Swiss singer Bastian Baker has released a new album entitled Stories of the XXI. The themes are love, heartbreak and the journey through life.

The music is Pop/Swiss Pop. The compositions are excellent and have a modern touch- the music is rhythmic, bold and rich. The guitar and the piano give the album an impressive edgy sound. There’s a fantastic variety of musical styles. Call Me In L.A has an upbeat sound representing a friendly vibe between the two exes. Another example of that is Jackpot. It begins with a calming beat; then, it transitions to a faster tempo. The increase in tempo is smooth. The music is cheerful and full of hope.

The Way It Is has a superb composition with a mix of up and down to reflect the couple’s relationship having its ups and downs.  

Some songs have music that contradicts the subject matter, such as Leave a Scar
The piece We Ruined Our Story has an intensity in its composition through a rhythm that represents the downward spiral of a relationship falling apart. The drums and the piano complement the subject matter of the song.

No Secrets has a folksy sound that gives the song a cozy feel. It has a 70s-style rhythm combined with music that reminds me of classic Irish folk. It starts slow, then about halfway, it increases in tempo. The composition is bold and rich. 

   The nine songs of the album are incredible, with a remarkable range of beats, rhythm and compositions. 

Bastian Baker’s voice is smooth and dynamic. He has an incredible vocal range. He plays with the vocal style and knows how to sing to each song’s mood and vibe.

The lyrics are expressive and, at times, romantic. Each song has a detailed description of the imagery and emotions – complementary to the storytelling and adventures components of the album. The record feels personal.   The poetry has lovely freestyle writing to represent the free spirit feel.  
The song When It’s All Over is relevant, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. There’s a genuine vulnerability in expressing how many of us feel regarding these uncertain times.

    Some songs cover heartbreak with great intricacy and depth. The Way It Is is a relatable piece about relationship struggles. Dancing Without You is a beautiful but bittersweet song about life without a life partner. The relationship may have failed, but the memories remain.

The song Leave a Scar is about a man’s frustration with his significant other, who’s about to hurt him. We Ruined Our Story is a heartbreaking piece about a couple whose relationship fell apart, despite trying the efforts made. The song reflects the difficulties of accepting that it has to end.

Two songs have a nuance about relationships and exes:  Call Me In L.A and  Secret. Call Me In L.A is a unique piece about a guy who tells his ex-girlfriend that he can call him whenever she’s in L.A. It sounds like the exes are on good terms, which isn’t always the case. The man still remembers the good times from his relationship with this girl. The tune Secret is unique but exciting about keeping something from the significant other that could hurt them. The guy sounds like he has good intentions – his heart is in the right place. 

    There are also inspirational and hopeful songs: Jackpot and No SecretsJackpot is not about literally becoming rich with money but finding richness in living life and finding happiness within ourselves. It’s a powerful piece to remind ourselves of what’s essential in life. The song No Secrets is a sweet and romantic piece about a man being open and honest with his significant other, which is lovely.
The songs are dynamic in subject matter, expressed with heart and soul- full of depth. 

The album Stories of the XXI is available.


The song When It’s All Over contains explicit language. 
Listener Discretion is Advised.

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