Single Saturdays: Maren Morris – Circles Around This Town

American singer Maren Morris has a new single out entitled Circles Around This Town. The song is about the journey of Maren Morris’s music career- a personal story.

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The music is Country. The sound quality is incredible- the composition is expressive and dynamic. The rhythm is wavy and flowy, which represents the ups and downs of chasing the dream and occasionally hitting obstacles along the way. The bold and gradual beat of the guitar works with the ups and down related to the singer’s journey to a career through personal songs. The song has an old-school style with a Dolly Parton vibe. The upbeat music symbolizes pursuing the dream by not giving up and feeling proud of the achievement in the end. The song ends on a lovely and smooth fade-out.

Maren Morris’s voice is bold and passionate. She sounds hopeful, determined, and optimistic. She follows the music and rhythm, hitting the high notes at the right moment, then smoothly changes registers in her voice. She sings with heart and soul.

The lyrics are inspirational and poetic. The song is a metaphor for that moment of “feeling lost” and persevering in life’s journey – the tune is full of positivity and hope. It’s a personally detailed story about following one’s dreams, in this case, becoming a singer. The little details give the song an incredible depth and understanding of this personal story. The use of freestyle writing works well with finding one’s identity and place in the journey called life. Now more than ever, getting to know oneself is essential, which is something to which people connect deeply. Maren Morris, Jimmy Robbins, Julia Michaels and Ryan James Hurd describe what it’s like to struggle but never to give up no matter – with determination and hope. Circles Around This Town is an inspirational song that helps us feel optimistic, even if it feels impossible.

The single Circles Around This Town is available.

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