Single Saturdays: Ryland James – I Give Everything

Canadian singer Ryland James has released a new single entitled  I Give Everything. The song is a love story, including mixed emotions.

The music is Pop, with a Disco vibe and electric beat- it has a great dance beat. The song has a catchy sound. The sound is bold and edgy. The wavy rhythm represents the mixed emotions when it comes to falling in love. It starts slow then gradually transitions into a faster tempo from the chorus. Then it slows down from the second and goes back to a beat that picks. The composition is well-structured and intricate.

Ryland James’s voice is smooth, as well as edgy and bold. He impressively experiments with his vocal range. He captured the conflict of emotions perfectly with a genuine vulnerability.

The song is full of mixed emotions, demonstrated nicely with freestyle poetry. There’s the typical conflict of falling in love: love someone without losing oneself and one’s identity. The lyrics are expressive and relatable. The words are well-written with a simplistic structure. It makes one read between the lines regarding the challenges of potential love and a future. The uncertainty appears exciting but intimidating, especially when it comes to a possible relationship. The song is deep, full of raw emotions with a bold vulnerability.

The single I Give Everything is available.

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