Abba’s Latest Album After 40 Years – Voyage

Swedish group Abba has released their first album in 40 years, entitled Voyage. The themes are love, heartbreak and life experiences.

The music is Pop, with some bit of the classic 70s Disco. The album has sounds that parallel Abba’s classic hits from the 70s. Yet, there’s a contemporary component to it that – the combination is impressive. An example would be  I Still Have Faith In Me, which reminds me of The Winner Takes It All, but with a happier rhythm. The compositions are intricate and rich. The variety of instruments, including the piano and the guitar, have a lovely complex sound.  When You Danced with Me is a fantastic tune with a rhythm that parallels Safety Dance and Why Did It Have to Be Me. The song Bumble Bee has a beat that parallels Fernando. The piece Little Things sounds similar to the songs Thank You for the Music, and I Have A Dream, with a Christmas touch.  Don’t Shut Me Down reminds me of the songs  Super Trouper and Take a Chance on Me. The composition of I Can Be That Woman, a tune similar to I Have A Dream and Listen To Your Heart by Roxette, is impressive. Just A Notion reminds me of Elton John’s work, like Don’t Go Breaking My Heart and I’m Still Standing. According to sources, it was an unreleased song from the 70s. Keep An Eye On Dan has a rhythm that parallels Lay All Your Love On Me and Madonna’s Like a Prayer. No Doubt About It parallels an 80s classic by the Police – Message in a Bottle with its fast-paced rhythm.

The song Ode to Freedom is a lovely piece with the organ’s music that gives it a harmonious feel and a symphony-like sound. ABBA did impressive work mixing old-school with modern sounds. 

The members sang beautifully throughout the album. Their voices are soft and smooth, complementary to one another. They sound incredible, just like when they were performing during the 70s and early 80s.

The lyrics are profound and poetic, and the songs have layers of meaning and symbolism that are powerful. The storytelling aspect of the album gives it- examples include When You Dance With Me, I Can Be That Woman, and Keep An Eye On Dan. There’s a lovely depth that is rich in emotions and poetry, such as it the case with I Still Have Faith In You and I Can Be That Woman are two songs. The record has a beautiful range of subject matter that goes beyond the text. The metaphors and symbols are bold and rich in imagery, such as the song Bumble Bee. There are also romantic songs, such as Little Things,  When You Dance With Me, I Can Be That Woman and Just a Notion. The album is so diverse with stories and adventures with which ABBA is well-known for capturing the feeling and sentiment of each song.

The album Voyage is available. 

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