Single Saturdays: Karen Harding – Anxiety

Australian singer Karen Harding has a new single entitled Anxiety. The song is about mental health, and in this case, during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The music is Singer/Songwriter. The composition is well-structured and intricate, and the intensity of the rhythm reflects the emotion of anxiety well. The piano, the drums and the tambourine combined work well with the song’s sentiments. The drum sounds have a “knocking” sound representing the “fight or flight” feeling and the overthinking, in this case, caused by anxiety. The few moments of calm demonstrate the importance of taking a step back. The beat is fantastic and unforgettable, rich in tonalities and style. A musical excerpt reminds me of a song from Frozen – Into the Unknown, where uncertainty is present and intimidating. 

The combination of the ups and downs is well-organized and expresses the highs and lows of life. The rhythm is remarkable in portraying the emotions of anxiety and stress. The music is bold and powerful. 

Karen Harding’s voice is intricate and profound. She sings about anxiety in a delicate manner. Her vocal range is remarkable and rich in tone. 

The lyrics are relatable and moving. The topic of anxiety and mental health is à propos, especially during COVID. The words are touching, full of raw emotions. The song is powerful, expressed with an incredible simplicity of language. The wanting to belong and at the same time having one’s own identity is something to which people, myself included, can relate. These mixed feelings are well-described in this single and something many of us can understand. The language of this song, in its description of anxiety, has a great deal of thought. The lyrics are well-written and have great depth.

The single Anxiety is available.

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