Single Saturdays: Bailey Tomkinson – When The Lights Went Out

British singer Bailey Tomkinson released a new single entitled When The Lights Went Out. The song is about a girl whose significant other is unfaithful to her, which leads to an eventual


The music is Pop/Brit Pop. The song has a fast-paced rhythm that represents the feeling that things are spinning out of control. It reflects the heartache the girl faces. The composition is well-structured, with impressive beats and rhythm. It starts slow then gradually picks up speed to slowing down again. The song reminds me of 90s dance/ techno music but with a contemporary. 

Bailey Tomkinson’s voice is bold and wavy. Her vocal style parallels Blue Crush’s Cruel Summer and Eliane Müeller’s Venus & Mars. She sings with a natural flow.

The lyrics are emotional and then become empowering. Bailey Tomkinson wrote the song with relatable humanity, vulnerability and heartbreak. The lights symbolize things getting better as time goes on, and the words are well-written. The song tells a detailed story about the relationship and the eventual separation/breakup. It describes what seems like a beautiful dream/fantasy but turns out to be a nightmare where the partner is lying and cheating on the girl. The sense of confusion and unfairness is understandable. The song expresses sentiments to which one can relate with depth.

The single When The Lights Went Out is available.

Side Note

The song contains some coarse language

Listener Discretion Advised

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