Single Saturdays: One And a Half Dog – Shine

The Norwegian group One And A Half Dog have a new single out entitled Shine. The song is about feeling alone among strangers in a graveyard, away from loved ones, while wishing you were with them- the soul “shining” in their presence.*

The music is Indie Rock, and it has a Smashing Pumpkins and Tragically Hip vibe. The song has a bold sound. There are moments in the tune that sound like Queen’s 90s hits Innuendo and Who wants to live forever? – impressive parallels. The musicians Morten Jensen (guitar), Lars Nielsen (guitar), Inge Lerstad (drums), and Pål Akset (bass) play remarkable throughout the song. The rhythm is wavy with a passionate intensity.

Dag Aure’s voice is powerful and bold. He sings rhythmically, with an impressive vocal range. He captures the raw emotions profoundly.

The lyrics are intense but poetic. The song is rich in language and metaphors, and the spiritual aspect is complex and beautiful. The single is thought-provoking, and it demonstrates raw emotions with incredible depth. The tune covers death and spirits with serenity and peace, challenging but successfully done. It touches the soul like one can’t imagine- the words are intricately well-written. So powerful and so deep. 

The single Shine is available.

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