Single Saturdays: Daniel Borge- Time

Norwegian-American singer Daniel Borge released a new single entitled Time. The song is about appreciating every moment. It also describes wishing time was a man, which represents wanting to control moments in life.

The music is Country. The song has a fantastic composition with impressive guitar work. The sound of the guitar complements the piece perfectly in representing life’s ups and downs. It has a lovely combination of classical Country music with a modern twist within an incredible rhythm that’s a trademark in New Country music. The beat is wavy and flowy. The ballad pace of the song works well with the subject matter. The composition is phenomenal and rich in musical texture. 

Daniel Boege’s voice is incredible. He has a vocal style that’s wavy, where he hits both the high and low notes at just the right moment. He sings

with heart and passion.

The lyrics are contemplative and make you think. The song is poetic with excellent freestyle writing. It’s a metaphor where if time were a man represents wishful thinking of taking control of life when in reality it’s impossible. The words are well-written, describing the importance of appreciating life profoundly. The song demonstrates a common paradox: time flies when you have fun but feels slow when facing heartbreak and sadness. It also shows the misconception of boys/men not crying, when in fact, they do. The lyrics are powerful and impact one’s way of looking at life and how one lives it. 

The single Time is available

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