Louis-Jean Cormier’s Personal Album: Le Ciel Est Au Plancher

Canadian and Québecois singer Louis-Jean Cormier has released a new album entitlted  Le Ciel Au Plancher.

The music is French pop/ Indie Rock. The ballads are impressive in terms of the slow rhythm. The mix of fast and slow is incredible. L’ironie du sort (the irony of fate) has a jazz vibe that gives the sound a vintage touch. The piano is beautiful to hear and complements the album nicely. There’s also a modern sound. That’s the case with the tunes Le Ciel Est Au Plancher (The Sky is on the floor) and Le Large (overall) have an 80s vibe, parallel to the works of AHA and Depeche Mode. The musicians are incredible and play in sync with one another. The mix of old school and modern overall gives the record fantastic musical flavours. 

Louis-Jean Cormier’s voice is husky and rhythmic. He sings with feeling and heart with an impressive vocal range in this album. The backup singers sound fantastic in the piece L’ironie du sort.

The lyrics are full of imagination and have an artistic flair. The songs are personal, heartfelt and profound. The album is covers grief delicately and gracefully. For example, Les lignes de ta main (The lines on your hand) is À propos with COVID during the lockdown, to which many can relate. There are references to his life growing up, as it is the case with the following pieces 50° 13′ 36.404″ N 66° 23′ 4.204″ W45° 32′ 4.924″ N 73° 35′ 57.134″ W, and 138. The song 50° 13′ 36.404″ N 66° 23′ 4.204″ W are the coordinates of his hometown of Sept-Iles. 45° 32′ 4.924″ N 73° 35′ 57.134″ W refers to the return to Montreal, to everyday life according to sources. The piece 138 is a road in Quebec on the way to Montreal. It’s creative and bold. He primarily sings in French, but in the song Marianne, he sang parts in English. The songs have lovely freestyle writing and poetry that gives the lyrics incredible depth. 

The album Le Ciel Au Plancher is available.

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