Single Saturdays: Daniel Borge – There I Was

Norwegian-American singer Daniel Borge has a lovely single entitled There I Was. It’s a love story full of hope and positivity.

The music is Country. It starts slow, then gradually increases to an upbeat sound. The guitar in this song feels cozy. The sound is modern and catchy. The rhythm wavy and flows smoothly. It has a Tim McGraw vibe to the tune with a new Country flair. The music is impressive, with a perfect mix of slow and fast beats. The transition in the speed of the rhythm is smooth and constant, starting slow in the verses to gradually increase as the chorus comes along. The composition is incredibly well-structured, with fantastic stope motions and musical shifts in rhythm. 

Daniel Borge’s voice is bold. His singing is wavy and hits the right notes. He has an impressive vocal range that parallels the styles of Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks. 

The lyrics are romantic and sweet. The song is full of heart and soul. One can hear the joy in the words and feels hopeful that true love is possible. The piece is well-written, rich in poetic language. It’s a classic and timeless story of love at first sight. The song describes in extensive detail the various things that happen when falling in love. The use of repetition adds a bold touch to emphasizing the emotions felt when becoming attracted to a person. Mixed feelings are something relatable to many and give this piece a personal and genuine feel.

The single There I was is available.

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