Single Saturdays: Silverdrive 35 – In Bed With You

The Swedish duo Silverdrive 35 has released a new single entitled In Bed With You. It’s a romantic love story of a couple’s everyday life at home.

The music is Country music. The guitar is fantastic, played with great rhythm. The sound is catchy and edgy with an incredible flow. The piece is impressive. Although it has a fast-paced beat, it has a romantic ballad vibe. It’s remarkable how smooth the transition is from slow to fast and vice-versa. The song parallels works by Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks and Keith Urban, including the modern component of its music. The composition is fantastic and bold. It complements the progression of the storyline.

Silverdrive 35’s voices are fantastic and sweet. Each member sings with love and heart. Their vocal style is incredible and rhythmic – rich in tone and depth with an impressive vocal range.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. The song tells a beautiful story about a couple’s everyday life. It sounds hopeful that a beautiful love story is possible for anyone, inspiring hope that true love is possible. The tune covers the classic subject matter of the daily routine, sleeping in, time spent together, ignoring the alarm clock, etc. – the various aspects of couples/married life. It celebrates the importance of spending time with those we love in a heartwarming manner- to take a break from everything. The words are from the heart, which sounds genuine and sincere.  

The single In Bed With You is available.

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