Single Saturdays: Amani Swissi – Ya Ana

Tunisian singer Amani Swissi (or Al Swissi) has released a new single entitled Ya Ana (me). The song is about heartbreak & obstacles people face in life.

The music is Arabic Pop. Sherif Badr composed the song with a flowy rhythm, with some moments of intensity. It starts with the beautiful sound of a violin, then shifts into the piano. The transition from slow to fast and vice-versa is impressive and smooth. During the verses, the music is slow and steady, showing the state of contemplation. After that, the tempo smoothly increases to express a sense of confusion and sadness. It’s a well-composed and well-structured ballad, full of emotion. The composition is fantastic and intricate. 

Amani Swissi’s voice is soft and rhythmic. She hits each note at the right moment. She sings from the heart and boldly shows vulnerability with this song.

The lyrics are well-written, full of raw emotions. Ramadan Mohamed wrote the song with intricate freestyle poetry and great rhyming. The poetic composition is impressive where there’s freestyle and the classic structure of ABAB. The use of repetition is incredible. For example, the repeated words Ya Ana demonstrate the importance of self-care and stands up for one’s beliefs.  The person in the story is kind and forgiving in a world with no mercy and forgiveness. The piece covers life’s obstacles with understanding and solidarity. The words are profound, full of thought and contemplation about the state of the world.

The single Ya Ana is available.

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