Single Saturdays: Bastian Baker – Jackpot

Swiss Popstar Bastian Baker has released a new single entitled Jackpot. The song is about the journey through life and self-discovery.

The music is pop. The guitar is incredible to hear in the background as it sounds upbeat and happy. The music is catchy and makes one want to get up and dance. The rhythm is fantastic and flows naturally in a smooth wavy manner. The song has an incredible beat that gives it a road-trip vibe. It starts at a slow pace, then gradually increases in tempo to build up excitement about life. The composition is lovely and well-structured. The tune feels cozy and intimate, as though it were a small gathering with one’s closest friends (when it becomes possible to do so).  

Bastian Baker’s voice is fantastic and bold. He sounds hopeful when singing this song. His singing style has evolved over the years as he gains experience – this piece demonstrates that nicely.

The lyrics are positive and inspirational. The song is a metaphor about being rich in blessings and appreciation of the good things. It’s about appreciating life. The words are full of hope and love. The references to a church in the small town and the road give the tune a personal touch. The message to get out there and see the world to discover new experiences (when we’re not amid a pandemic). The Jackpot, in this case, is not about money but about making memories and living life to the fullest. The poetry has lovely freestyle writing that complements the laid-back mood and the appreciation for life around us. The lyrics are intricately well-written, full of imagination and wonder.

The single Jackpot is available.

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