Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – Girl on Pfizer

American singer Chris Mann has released a new single entitled Girl On Pfizer. The song is about a girl who got her two Pfizer shots and wants to see people or looks forward to it. It’s a parody of Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire.

The music R&B/Pop. The song follows the same beat as the original version of Alicia Keys’ single Girl on Fire. The sound is incredible and upbeat. The rhythm is naturally wavy and reflects the tune’s mood regarding the feeling that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The “go time” girl bit has a bold touch. The piano and the tambourine complement the song’s vibe nicely. The clap-like sound gives the sense of hope through the hard times of COVID-19. The song has a choir touch that brings a feeling of solidarity.

Chris Mann’s voice is rhythmic and fantastic. He hits the high notes similarly to Alicia Keys, but with his style. He sings with passion, sharing the sentiment many of us have about vaccines and waiting for the end of COVID-19.

The lyrics follow the structure of the original version perfectly. In this case, the song covers getting vaccinated with Pfizer, with a sense of humour and love. The comic relief is comforting during these uncertain times with the pandemic. The song reminds us of what many of us look forward to, which is time with family and friends in person instead of Zoom or other virtual platforms. Like Chris Mann’s other parodies, this one also does the job of cheering people up in these unprecedented times.

The single Girl On Pfizer is available.

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