Single Saturdays: MAX MLV – My Saviour (Acoustic Version)

Belgian singer MAX MLV has an acoustic version of his single My Saviour. The story is the same but a good one, which is about a guy who loves and admires his significant other whom he’s in love, and admires her greatly.

The music is Pop. The acoustic sounds give the song a cozy and intimate feel. The acoustic guitar in the background provides the tune with a small concert venue vibe and complements the fantastic composition. There’s a lovely simplicity to the song’s structure. The acoustic version gives the song a different dynamic, but a remarkable one at that.

MAX MLV’s voice is soft and whisper-like. He sounds bold in this version of My Saviour. He sings with a delicate grace and compassion.

The lyrics are romantic and sweet. The song feels even more simplistic in its words because it’s an acoustic version. The description of true love is detailed and inspirational. The two rhyme schemes AABB and ABBA, are the same ones that give this song structure. The lyrics are just as deep and genuine as the studio version.

The single My Saviour (Acoustic Version) is available.

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